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01-2021 URA 01-2021 URA
Accept the Annual Report for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020 and Direct the City Administrator to Distribute it to the Taxing Districts Affected by the Agency’s Urban Renewal Plan
06-2020 URA 06-2020 URA
Authorize IGA with City of Fairview to Provide Financial Assistance to the City for the Purchase of Tax Lots 100, 200, and 400 on the Southeast Corner of the Intersection of NE Halsey Street and NE Village Street
05-2020 URA 05-2020 URA
Authorize Development Grant for Halsey Crossing, LLC
04-2020 URA 04-2020 URA
Authorize a Development Grant for Fairview Springs, LLC
03-2020 URA 03-2020 URA
Authorize Transfer of Budget Appropriations
02-2020 URA 02-2020 URA
Certify to Multnomah County Assessor Request for Fairview Urban Renewal Agency Plan Area for Maximum Amount of Revenue that may be Raised by Dividing the Taxes Under Section 1e, Article IX of the Oregon Constitution and Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 457
01-2020 URA 01-2020 URA
Adopt the Fiscal Year 2020-21 Budget and Make Appropriations
 13-2019 URA 13-2019 URA
Approve Grant Application and Direct the City Administrator to Prepare and Execute Grant Agreement
12-2019 URA 12-2019 URA
Amend Private Development Grant Program
11-2019 URA 11-2019 URA
Authorize IGA with the City of Fairview RE: the Transfer of Tax Increment Revenues and Proceeds for the Purpose of Paying Financing Payments of the City
10-2019 URA 10-2019 URA
Authorize Reimbursement of Waived City of Fairview SDC’s as Outlined in City Resolution 32-2019
09-2019 URA 09-2019 URA
Authorize Raising the Maximum Amount of all Available Property Taxes Applicable to the Incremental Values in the Boundaries of the Fairview Urban Renewal District
08-2019 URA 08-2019 URA
Adopt the Fiscal Year 2019-20 Urban Renewal Agency Budget
07-2019 URA 07-2019 URA
Approve Private Development Grant Program
06-2019 URA 06-2019 URA
Authorize Supplemental Budget for Reservoir #1 Improvement Project
05-2019 URA 05-2019 URA
Approve System Development Charge Assistance Program
04-2019 URA 04-2019 URA
Authorize Signature of a MOU with the City of Fairview for a $650,000 Bridge Loan
03-2019 URA 03-2019 URA
Authorize Signature of an IGA with the City of Fairview for Operating and Financial Services
02-2019 URA 02-2019 URA
Appoint City Budget Committee Members as URA Budget Committee Members
01-2019 URA 01-2019 URA
Authorize Budget Appropriations for the Urban Renewal Agency