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Fairview Point  -  September 2022

Increasing Housing Options in Fairview

In response to the housing crisis in Oregon, the State Legislature adopted new rules to increase options for building duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhomes, and cottage clusters

Referred to as Middle Housing, these housing types can provide opportunities for smaller homeownership and rental housing that can be more affordable than a large, detached house. Great examples of these Middle Housing types can be found around Fairview today.  

In areas previously limited to single-family homes, property owners now have the option to build one of these types of Middle Housing instead of a single house, generally within the same height and total square footage allowed for a single-family home. As the City allows these additional housing types, it is refining the zoning code requirements related to building scale and design features to help create well-designed, livable, and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods in Fairview’s residential zones.

Look for the October Fairview Point for more details on this code update process and how to provide input! For more information, contact Planning Manager Sarah Selden at 503-674-6242 or

Photos of Housing Types (JPG)

Wires, hoses, chains & electric cords-oh my! 

When we're broken and beyond repair, please toss us in the trash. 

RoN-wires (PNG)From charging your phone to lighting up your home, wires, hoses, chains and electric cords like us help keep your life running smoothly. But when we’re worn out or broken, please toss us in the garbage and not in the recycling bin. 

When we end up in the recycling bin, we can cause big problems. Like a shoelace caught in a bicycle chain, we can get tangled in the sorting machines, causing delays and creating hazards for workers. You can help by throwing us in the trash when we’re no longer useful. 

It might feel wrong, but remember, you are protecting the environment by keeping us out of your recycling bin.

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Coffee with the City Managercoffee cup (PNG)

Coffee with the City Manager will take a break in September and will resume in October (Tuesday’s at 9:00am, Stomping Grounds). 

Back to School - Driver Safety Tips

With students returning to on-site education in the new school year, drivers should remember these rules of the road from the National Safety Council (

  • Slow down to the posted speed limits in school zones, and be alert.
  • School buses make frequent stops. Flashing lightsback-to-school-183533_1920 mean get ready to stop.
  • You must stop when the red lights are flashing on a bus, and no passing.
  • Watch for students at crosswalks and obey crossing guards and traffic control devices.
  • Pay attention on streets near schools.
  • Distracted driving is a danger to everyone. Put away your devices, beverages, cosmetics and food while driving.

Aug 2022 FV

City Hall will be closed Monday,labor-day-2728716_1920 Sept. 5th in observance of Labor Day. 

Water Conservation Tips

  • Conserve water when you wash your car. Clean your car using a hose with a nozzle so that you can easily shut offWater Drop (PNG) the water when you don’t need it. Better yet, use a bucket instead of a hose to save even more water. Or look for a commercial car wash that recycles water.
  • Put your dishwasher to work. Washing dishes by hand generally uses more water than a modern dishwasher. Scrape your plates instead of rinsing them and load it up! Just be sure to wait until you have a full load it run it.

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