City Recorder

The City Recorder strives to maintain the integrity of the City Council processes and procedures in the City of Fairview and ensure information to the public by:

  • Coordinating and assisting with Council meetings
  • Disseminating information concerning City Council decisions and policy issues
  • Protecting and preserving official City records
  • Providing administrative and technical support to the City Council and staff

Many of these documents are available online for all to view. However, you can submit a public record request and this information will be provided to you for the cost to reproduce the record.

The City Recorder is also the city's election official and is responsible for:

  • Advising office holders
  • Advising candidates and committees of procedures and requirements
  • Processing ballot measure proposals and initiative petitions
  • Providing instruction manuals to candidates, City staff, and the general public.

As election official, the City Recorder works closely with Multnomah County Elections on primary and general elections.