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Traffic Safety
Radar Speed Trailer Data 
 Picture of a Speed Trailer 

Each week the Public Works Department places the radar speed trailer in various locations, following a schedule that rotates the trailer throughout the city. The speed trailer is usually placed on Tuesday and removed the following Monday of each week. The radar speed trailer is a traffic safety tool utilized to remind drivers of their speed and the posted speed limit. The radar trailer does not record license numbers or other images and does NOT issue citations: It is strictly a tool to help us keep our streets safer.

The data collected from the radar trailer is saved in a file accessible to the public. Simply click on the street you are interested in and you will find a summary of speeds recorded for the date range indicated.

If you would like additional information about the schedule for the radar trailer, please contact the Fairview Police Department at (503) 674-6200 during regular business hours.  If the radar trailer is not scheduled for your street and you would like to have your street added to the rotating schedule, please contact the Fairview Police Department

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Complaint About Traffic or Parking Issues   
If you are concerned about traffic or parking issues in your neighborhood, please fill out the Traffic Complaint Form email or fax to the Fairview Police Department. We will do our best to address your concerns.