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Mayor's Citizen Committee for Visioning 2022 Amenities
Committee's Charge
Allan Berry

1300 NE Village St.
Fairview, OR  97024

Ph: (503) 674-6206
Fx: (503) 667-7866

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Answer the question, “What types of amenities development do the Citizens of Fairview want to see the City pursue on their behalf?” Amenities are defined as the things that make you comfortable and at ease; “all the comforts of home.” The City has a desire and a mission to support development in the City of Fairview to enhance the quality of life for Fairview Citizens.

The Committee developed a list of recommendations to present to the Mayor regarding the amenities Fairview citizens want in their City and how the City should support each of the recommended amenities. A complete report with recommendations were presented to the full Council. 

Committee Mission Statement
“To engage with Fairview residents to develop a vision and compile recommendations for Mayor Weatherby regarding future amenities for vacant lands and buildings within the City limits.”

Amenity Survey
The survey asked respondents to rate the types of amenities that they would like to see in the city of Fairview in two categories: retail/service and recreational/family oriented amenities. Of the total 3,000 surveys distributed, 242 were returned via mail or submitted online for a response rate of approximately 8%.

Committee Members
  • Keith Kudrna, Chair
  • Gary Stonewall
  • Francis Doo
  • Lynnia Woods
  • Steve Kaufman
  • Nancy Murdick
  • Jack McGiffin