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Core Values
Chief's Statement
The very foundation of our Police Department should be built from our mission statement and core values. Our mission statement and core values should serve as a guiding light, a beacon, to illuminate our way. Every decision a police officer or civilian staff member makes should be consistent with our mission and values. As we empower employees to make independent decisions, our core values will serve as the very cornerstone of this process. Our core values will help us be more thoughtful, aware, and concerned about the impact of our choices, our actions, and our decisions.

Core Values Defined
  • Integrity - Our actions will demonstrate the highest ethical standards and we will accept full responsibility for our actions.
  • Professionalism - Through strong leadership and continuous training we will strive to serve as role models for the community.
  • Partnership - The Police Department alone cannot control crime, but must act in concert with the community and the rest of the criminal justice system.
  • Innovation - Our growth is dependent on public confidence and support, which we will strive to accomplish by using emerging technology and progressive techniques to maximize our potential.
  • Communication - We will use problem-solving methods to reduce the incidence and fear of crime and to improve internal operations while recognizing our differences and working as a team to accomplish our goals.
  • Empowerment - We encourage decision-making at all levels and promote citizen responsibility and involvement.

The Guiding Principles of the Fairview Police Department are our commitments to the community, reflect the mission statement, and are written in the context of the following core values. In essence, this is who we continually strive to be: 

Courage - Courage is reflected in public safety in several ways. It means we are ready, able and willing to take action in a dangerous situation, even if it means placing ourselves in harm’s way. It also means that we have the courage to confront injustice or inappropriate behavior and commit to always doing what is right, not what is easy or feels good for us personally. We will employ strategies to prevent misconduct and intervene at the earliest possible moment to provide guidance to our members.

Compassion - The people in our department are our most important resource. Invest in our members by providing guidance, encouragement and support through active involvement in their workplace. Create and maintain an environment that helps our employees succeed. Watch for, and act on indications that our members may need help through our Employee Assistance Program or other means of support. Treat all employees with equality and fairness.  Understand the career aspirations of our members and assist them in meeting their goals. Whether serving the public or employees, there are times when it’s appropriate to show sympathy or empathy. Be compassionate and remember this guiding principle-“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Respect - Supervisors will create and maintain a work environment of mutual respect, support and accountability.  Supervisors will model behavior that supports this objective.  We will treat community members and government employees with respect. There are no jobs in this department more important than any other jobs; there are only different tasks and responsibilities. We all have a different frame of reference. We will appreciate, support and respect those differences and use them to strengthen our commitment to diversity.  Another very important aspect of respect is inclusion. This means by our words and actions, people we interact with know they are valued and invited to participate in discussions, activities and association. Respect also means confronting disagreement constructively to gain an understanding of another’s point of view.  Interpersonal conflict is best resolved by the involved parties using direct, respectful language. 

Integrity - Integrity originates from the word “oneness” which means our words and actions match. We speak the truth, even when it’s difficult and we hold to our values regardless of temptation. We are privileged to serve in an honorable profession; therefore, we are obligated to uphold the highest standard of conduct to gain and sustain the public trust. 

Service - High quality service is usually the product of personal sacrifice. Serving the community implies that we give higher priority to someone else’s needs. Working cooperatively requires maintaining a macro view of public safety to insure what is best for the overall good remains the primary consideration. Requests for assistance from others will be honored in a timely fashion unless there are compelling reasons not to do so.

Excellence - Work processes and various systems are the tools we utilize to provide a high standard of public service delivery. Therefore, continuous improvement in our work processes to enhance our effectiveness is a priority. Certain work systems are perishable which necessitates monitoring and inspection by supervisors. We will continually check with our internal and external partners to maintain an understanding of how our work processes impact them. With leadership comes pride in the work we do, particularly with a dedication to exemplary service. We recognize that there are always new areas of learning and tools to use that can help our employees do better and more satisfying work. This continual search also helps us guard against stagnation and complacency.  Some fundamental and long-standing systems may still be effective and will be utilized.  However, excellence is achieved by searching for positive alternatives and not maintaining the status quo because, “We’ve always done it that way.” Another aspect of excellence is the manner in which problems are solved.  We live in an increasingly complex society in which crime and the fear of crime must be confronted with a strategic, multi-dimensional approach. We will employ a combination of innovative strategies and proven traditional approaches to seek solutions to problems.  Community input will be solicited and appropriately incorporated into decision making. Teamwork is a result of synergy where outcomes are far beyond what can be produced by any individual. Communication is the delivery system for everything we do. As such, a communication strategy will become a component of every initiative and action we take.