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Predatory Towing
Private Impounds & Predatory Towing Practices
The City of Fairview has been a leader in the state for regulating towing practices that seemed to target apartment dwellers and those unable to afford to retrieve a vehicle from an impound. It is illegal in the City of Fairview:
  • For a tower to park within 1,000 feet of a private parking facility for the purpose of covert observation in order to obtain tows
  • For a tower to post any observer in a private parking facility for the purpose of monitoring and ordering towing
  • For a tower to patrol private parking facilities for the purpose of looking for vehicles to tow

Towing Charges
In addition, we regulated the amount a tower could charge and not charge for specific items. Towers, in Fairview, can no longer charge a temper fee, which meant that they would charge up to $75 if someone used bad language toward a tow driver when impounding a vehicle.

Additional Information
For more information on prohibited and regulated towing practices, visit Fairview Municipal Code (FMC) 8.30.