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64-2018 64-2018
Authorize Full Benefits of the Current Development Incentive Program to the Halsey Crossing Development, if Permits are Taken Out by June 30, 2020 With the Urban Renewal Agency Reimbursing the Three Utilities for SDC's Waived
63-2018 63-2018
Approve Extended Term of the Frontier Cable Franchise
62-2018 62-2018
Appoint Members to the Economic Development Advisory Committee
61-2018 61-2018
Appoint Members to the Public Safety Advisory Committee
60-2018 60-2018
Appoint Members to the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee
59-2018 59-2018
Appoint Members to the Community Engagement Committee
58-2018 58-2018
Accept Fairview Election Results from the November 8, 2016 General Election as Certified by Multnomah County Elections Division
57-2018 57-2018
Method of Determining Property Tax Assessment for New Construction (Changed Property Ratio)
56-2018 56-2018
Establish a Public Works Facility Fee Fund
55-2018 55-2018
Authorize Design Contract for Phase II of the Interlachen Sewer Trunk Line Design
54-2018 54-2018
Authorize Execution and Delivery of Full Faith and Credit Financing for a New Public Works Facility, Designate an Authorized City Representative, and Appoint a Placement Agent/Underwrite and Special Counsel
53-2018 53-2018
Authorize Transfer of Budget Appropriations from the Street Fund to Grant and Special Project Fund (7th Street)
52-2018 52-2018
Appoint Member to the Community Engagement Committee
51-2018 51-2018
Authorize the City Administrator to Proceed with Bond Issuance to Fund the Public Works Shop Project and Implementation of a Utility Fee to Fund Repayment of the Debt
50-2018 50-2018
Authorize the City Administrator to Enter into an Agreement for the Design Services for the 223rd Railroad Bridge Bike-Ped Access with Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
49-2018 49-2018
Authorize Phase II Services for the Progressive Design-Build Project to Replace the Public Works Shop
48-2018 48-2018
Authorize City Administrator to Enter into an Agreement for the Design Services for the 223rd Railroad Bridge Bike-Ped Access
47-2018 47-2018
Adopted Updated PW Construction Standards
46-2018 46-2018
Award Contract – CDBG 7th Street (Main – Depot) Sidewalk Improvements
45-2018 45-2018
Authorize Staff to Proceed with Design of a Public Works Shop Facility with a GPM not to Exceed $3 Million
44-2018 44-2018
Authorize Well Maintenance & Rehab. Sole Source Contract
43-2018 43-2018
Appoint Member to Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee
42-2018 42-2018
Declare the Top Four Legislative Priorities for 2019 to be Forwarded to the League of Oregon Cities
41-2018 41-2018
Authorize Budget Transfer Within Recreation Fund
40-2018 40-2018
Authorize City Administrator to sign a Three Year Labor Agreement with Teamsters Local 223
39-2018 39-2018
Approve Re-Designation of the Enterprise Zone & Fairview Local Criteria
38-2018 38-2018
Appoint Members to the Urban Renewal Planning Committee
37-2018 37-2018
Authorize Position Reclassification “City Recorder”
36-2018 36-2018
Authorize New Job Position & Classification “Public Works Operation Superintendent”
35-2018 35-2018
Appoint Members to the Community Engagement Committee
34-2018 34-2018
Authorize Design & Construction Management Services for Reservoir #1
33-2018 33-2018
Authorize Intergovernmental Agreement with Multnomah County for participation in the consortium for the Community Development Block Grant program and Home Investment Partnership program
32-2018 32-2018
Adopt the Fiscal Year 2018-19 Budget, Making Appropriations, and Declaring the Ad Valorem Property Tax Rate to be Certified to the County Assessor
31-2018 31-2018
Declare the City of Fairview’s Election to Receive State Shared Revenues
30-2018 30-2018
Declare the City’s Qualifications to Receive State Shared Revenues
29-2018 29-2018
Create Urban Renewal Planning Committee
28-2018 28-2018
Adopt Stormwater Utility Rate Increase
27-2018 27-2018
Authorize Purchase of Native Play Equipment for Lakeshore Park
26-2018 26-2018
Limit Parking to Two Hours, Monday Thru Friday, in Certain Areas of the Village
25-2018 25-2018
Adopt CCAC Work Plans for Fiscal Year 2018-19
24-2018 24-2018
Establish Rates for Solid Waste Collection (Twelve Mile Rate Increase) and Repeal Resolution 29-2015
22-2018 22-2018
Amend Timelines for Development Incentives on all Vacant Land in the City
20-2018 20-2018
Appoint Fairview Budget Committee Members
19-2018 19-2018
Authorize the City Administrator to Enter into an IGA with Multnomah County for the Provision of Design Services for a Bike-Ped Access Under the 223rd Railroad Bridge North of Sandy Blvd.
18-2018 18-2018
Authorize Reimbursement of Public Work Shop Facility Expenses for Debt Proceeds
17-2018 17-2018
Appoint Member to the Economic Development Advisory Committee
16-2018 16-2018
Adopt City Council Goals & Objectives Fiscal Year 2018-19
15-2018 15-2018
Award Design Build Phase 1 Contract for PW Shop
12-2018 12-2018
Authorize Supplemental Budget Public Works Shop Design Build
11-2018 11-2018
Approve Transfer Budget Appropriations for the Purchase Council Audience Chairs
10-2018 10-2018
Authorize Municipal Judge Contract and Appoint Municipal Judge
09-2018 09-2018
Authorize Purchase of Council Chambers Tables and Heslin Conference Room Chairs
08-2018 08-2018
Transfer Budget Appropriations from the General Fund to the Recreation Fund
07-2018 07-2018
Increase Appropriations due to the Consolidation of the Fairview Police Department with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and Subsequent Vehicle Sale
06-2018 06-2018
Transfer Budget Appropriations due to the Consolidation of the Fairview Police Department with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
05-2018 05-2018
Authorize Extending Employment Contract with Nolan Young as City Administrator
04-2018 04-2018
Appoint Pro Tempore Municipal Judge & Authorize Contract Negotiations for the Municipal Judge Position
03-2018 03-2018
Adopt 2017 Parks & Open Space Master Plan
02-2018 02-2018
Authorize Home Forward Memorandum of Understanding RE: Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT)
01-2018 01-2018
Adopt Vision Action Plan (Fairview 20.30.40)