Transit & Bike Hub

A Gorge-connected Transit and Bike Hub

The City will draft an initial design for a transit, biking and walking hub at the intersection of Fairview Parkway and NE Halsey Street. It may be possible to have a local shuttle-bus connection to the Columbia Gorge. We will be learning more. The project is for an initial design only, with no construction scheduled or funded.

Fairview Transit and Bike Hub Site Map 

What’s a transit and bike hub?

Transit and bike hubs are one-stop stations where people can easily switch between different modes of transportation, such as bus shuttles and bicycles. They also serve as information centers, rest areas, and provide amenities to make traveling easier.

Wood Village and Troutdale are planning additional hubs within the Gorge Bike Hub network, a group of communities along the Gorge that are creating bike hubs to encourage visitors to stage their trips from these communities’ central business cores. Each city has developed a unique hub design which reflects their community and shares a logo and look, with a wayfinding map. Fairview has the opportunity to be included in these plans.

Likely features of a “hub”

  • A shuttle stop for residents, tourists and commuters to reach the Columbia Gorge
  • Connections to biking and walking routes and paths, with amenities such as wayfinding signage, shelters, drinking fountains, restrooms, and a bike fix station
  • E-bike charging stations
  • Car and shuttle bus parking spaces, including many with electrical charging
  • Landscape design features to provide a neighborhood buffer and beautification

Why design now?

Nearby projects in the Main Streets on Halsey Plan are in the design phase to prepare for federal funding opportunities. An initial design for the transit and bike hub will help those projects coordinate, so they won’t need changes only a few years later if the hub is constructed. This will keep costs down and reduce disruption. A design for this site must work for the users, such as a Gorge shuttle operator and its riders and residents who cycle to or through the site. The design should also include ways to fit in with the existing neighborhood. We’ll be able to explore a variety of viewpoints as we draft an initial design.

Get involved

We're building on the community feedback received when the City added this project to the Transportation System Plan (TSP). We’ve also been collecting input on local improvements through the Main Streets on Halsey Planning project. Now we want to hear more from you!

We’ll have a community meeting where you can tell us what we should consider as we draft the design. Later, we’ll have another meeting where we’ll show the design in progress and ask what you think.

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The future hub could:

  • Help residents connect to current and future biking and walking routes and destinations.
  • Help reduce traffic congestion through the city by getting more people walking, cycling, or using shuttle transit services.
  • Help residents access nature – the Columbia River Gorge and even our own Salish Ponds Wetland Park.
  • Encourage visitors to Fairview, boosting the local economy.


  • The 2017 Main Streets on Halsey Plan identified the creation of gateways, shuttle service to the gorge, expanded services and restaurants, and support for bicycle tourism among the economic development strategies for the main street corridor.
  • Enhanced transit would support Fairview/Wood Village/Troutdale residents along the Halsey corridor, which has a lower household income and is also younger and more racially diverse than the county as a whole.
  • The design site is on land owned by Pacific Power & Light, currently used to reach overhead electric lines.
  • This project for an initial design is being funded with a grant from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development and Oregon Department of Transportation. There is no funding at this time for final design or construction.
  1. Sarah Selden

    Planning Manager