Water Conservation Activities for Kids

Helping your kids understand the importance of water conservation early on will help them develop life-long water-saving habits. Here are some ideas for fun activities to do with your kids:

Calculate Your Water Footprint

Your kids probably have no idea how many gallons of water are required for them to take a bath or a shower, wash their clothes, or brush their teeth. Help them put these water uses into context by helping them calculate how much water your family uses.

Step 1: Work together to complete the online Water Footprint Calculator.

Step 2: Review the results with your family and share the tips for reducing various water uses.

Step 3: Develop a list of goals for reducing water use and take action!

Cut That Shower Time

Do your kids take showers? Help them understand how much water this consumes, and challenge them to see much water they can save.

Step 1: Find a stopwatch and work with your child to time the length of the child's showers.

Step 2: Help your kids estimate their water saving potential using the Save Water and Energy by Showering Better worksheet.

Step 3: Challenge them to reduce shower times by one minute or more, using a stopwatch to help keep track of time. Every minute saved makes a difference!

For younger kids: Pick up a free shower timer from the City in our Indoor Water Conservation Kit. Ask them to use the shower timer to help them keep track of how long they've been in there. If they can get in and out (without skipping essential steps) before the timer's up, they win!

Plant a Water-Wise Garden Patch

If your kids are interested in gardening, create a small plot in your yard that is "theirs." Help them pick out native, drought-resistant plants that they can grow in the garden plot. Show them how to water the plants at their roots using a watering can. They can tend to their plants and watch them grow bigger all season long!

More Fun Activities

Check out these websites for more fun information and activities about water conservation! They contain coloring books, games, videos, virtual tours, and more!