Traffic Citations


You have been issued a citation for violation of state law. You have the following options available to you prior to your court date:

  • You may plead no contest and pay the base fine amount. You may also submit a written statement to the court with payment in full.
    • You cannot have a trial if you plead no contest; however, you may explain what happened to the judge. The judge will consider your explanation when deciding the penalty.
  • You may plead not guilty and the court will set your case for a trial.
    • You must enter a not guilty plea if you want to have a trial. This may be done in one of the following ways:
      • You may come to court on your scheduled court date and tell the judge you want to enter a not guilty plea.
      • You may send a letter saying that you wish to plead not guilty. Note: It is important that you not offer any explanations in your letter - just write that you want to plead not guilty. You will be allowed to give your statement at the trial.
      • You may sign and date the back of your citation under option 3 and mail it to the court. This must be received prior to your court date and time.
  • You may qualify for a Traffic Safety Class. Contact the court clerk for eligibility at 503-674-6210.

You may contact the court clerk to ask further questions. Please allow 72 hours after receiving your citation to contact the court so the citation can be processed.